Suspended Ceilings and Architectural Features

For many contactors ceilings are the most complicated projects to work on. We see it as another way of proving ourselves, and differentiating ourselves from competitors. We have a complete portfolio of multi-materials ceiling systems that we have installed, and the testimonials of many happy contractors.

Ampa Construction can provide and install ceiling tiles across a broad range of industries: shopping malls; government departments; hotels; hospitals; schools, supermarkets and more.

Our team of installers, work with contractors, builders, architects and shopfitters to provide solutions that meet designs and plans.

And of course, Ampa Construction services include the provision of ceiling tiles, grids and lighting.

For more information and competitive quotations from Ampa Construction, please contact us on 07707664047

We are based in Manchester and available to discuss your requirements with one of our expert staff.





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